About Everik International

Everik International Inc is a privately held company based in Dundas, Ontario. Everik incorporated in 1984 to focus on importing, packaging, and distributing electronic accessories for the Canadian home entertainment marketplace. We own and operate our head office and warehouse facilities (approximately 18,000 square feet) in our location at 66 Innovation Drive in Dundas.

Since incorporation, Everik has earned a reputation for delivering top quality merchandise at competitive prices. Initially, our primary products were focused on video camcorder and digital camera accessories.

In 2003, recognizing the emerging trend that has now become the Home Theatre market, Everik diversified its offerings to focus on and pursue this exciting new opportunity. The company now sources a complete line of LCD/Plasma brackets for both industrial/commercial and residential applications. To complement its LCD/Plasma brackets, the company has recently added a complete line of home theatre screens and home theatre furniture and consoles.

Broadening our product line is an example of one of our primary goals at Everik International: to constantly improve product quality, and to diversify our product selection. To facilitate this goals, we have assembled a team of agents in Asia, with a specific mandate is to source products that will meet the needs of our customers.

Our initial success, and indeed our continued success, comes from our unique knowledge of the Canadian market, our understanding of the needs of our consumers, and our extensive dealer and distribution network throughout Canada.

Everik’s business objectives are quite simple: to design and import top-quality merchandise, continually offer competitive prices, establish our own unique brand, and become an industry icon within the Canadian marketplace.

We pride ourselves on service – throughout the years, our reputation for customer service is outstanding, and service remains our number one priority. We believe our ability to satisfy our customers directly has a direct impact on our ability to be successful in the future.

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